This is our top priority

How many times is this statement made resulting in some people scurrying around dropping what they planned to work on, distracted and diverted in the rush to be visible on a top priority project.

By contrast how many people just stand and sigh – here we go again another top priority on top of all the other top priority projects. People in this camp stay calm and watch and wait trying to suss if it is for real.

Here are some questions for an incisive reality check  before you decide to rush in or stand back.

Why is this a top priority?

  • What conditions need to prevail for this to continue to be top priority?
  • What are the tangible goals we need to accomplish to turn this top priority into a benefit?
  • What are the consequences if we do not pursue it, or do not succeed?
  • What are we going to remove or suspend to create the capacity for this top priority project?
  • What sacrifices are we prepared to make to ensure this happens?
  • What do I, and others, need to do differently to ensure this top priority project happens?
  • Who gains or looses as a result of us pursuing this top priority?
  • Whose top priority is it?
  • Who would not regard this as a top priority and why?
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