Another birth

Yup another calf born, licked over and up and following mum 89. Fortunately the herd have a deep straw filled barn with hay on tap, as well as their field, so the mum and new born ventured in. As mum chewed on the hay I managed to say hello to the new member – a delicate little girl. As ear tags were not on me I managed to spray mark her and noted which mum she belonged to. I will be appreciative of this if a few more are born pre tagging.

Cows have passports so now I need to inform the BCMS britsh cattle movement of her birth – they have a great on line system so no problem there and ten days later a passport will arrive that stays with the cow until death. I also register with the dexter society for £13.90 a calf and get official papers. This helps with any sales and if a cow gets TB with compensation level.

Putting the mandatory paperwork aside new life is new life and determined at that. Two hours after birth I heard a calf moaning from the farmhouse. The new born’s mum had wandered back to the main herd and she had got stuck behind a gate. Her calling got me and her mum beside her in unison where they treunited. She went straight for the teat with what looked like sheer contentment.

Goats are driving me nuts as they make it impossible for me to feed the geese also inhabiting their field. Plan to move the geese somewhere else this weekend.

Reindeer handling this weekend. A local farmer is coming with his son to assist as I have not worked out how to hold and administer solo. The plan is to worm – they need very regular worming, annual vaccinate and hoove clip. One entire male is still in rutting mode and has not shed his antlers yet so will need to take real care.

Back to cracking water trough ice again – but so reliefed that we are not having a long winter like 2010.

Have three wild deer permantly on the farm – they look lovely but concerned with worming and disease. Tried to entice them off farm into woodlands but no joy, they have decided to stay.

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