Client’s Eyes: Paddocks Unique Corporate Venue

These comments have been copied, by permission, from a corporate client who emailed us following a corporate event at paddocks.

” Hi Lindsay and Frank. I don’t often make the time to write down what I think so this is no small feat. I didn’t want to come to paddocks, I have been on so many corpoarte training away events that frankly I see them as a waste of time and at best having a temporary effect distilled by reality the second the team returns to work. I tried to get out of coming but was told that this one would be different and the boss not buying my pleas to escape the team build.

To say I am glad is an understatement. I don’t excatly know how you have done it but the seoncd the gates open and take you in there is a magic about the place and the ethose driving through it. This was the most frank, real few days I have spent in years. I didn’t once feel we were being team build processed and the progress we made felt real and this has been confirmed by some pretty fundamental shifts in how we talk and work together since paddocks.

The setting achieves everything you set out to create. It is unique, warm, different, refreshing. We still talk about the dogs, the calf birth, the stars, the food, the sheer beauty. We are now taking on a further project challenge and so if I can help it we will be back. This time I will be driving to paddocks with a very different mindset and looking forward to seeing you both again.

Has the restaurant been finished? and are you still selling your beef as the last lot went quickly and the family has asked for more.

ps – we are now looking to move to a more rural area, think I have persuaded the wife!”



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