Oh What A Day

There is an advert re family members sharing what their day has involved. Got me to wonder what my unfolding day would look like. Here is my yesterday.

5am up and cup of tea with milk and 2 sugars.

Checked dogs, Jake snoring loudly on a large sofa and Ben curled up with head on a cushion, no interest in going out there then.

Pulled on as many layers as possible, strapped head light to head, gloves, hat, extra socks and wellies on. Checked knife, mobile in pocket then ready to face the world.

Opened kitchen door, one of our four cats streaked in. Will sort her later.

Animals fed and watered  taking me to 7.30am.

7.35 In kitchen stripped off with hay and straw deposited in my wake. Another tea and 2 sugars, computer on and ready for a conference call.

8am to 10.45 conference call with an Australian company seeking to enter a partnership with Lindsay McKenna limited and use our project-change frame and associated IP.

10.45 one wheel on truck lost pressure so sorted  it then off to Abergaveny inWalesto collect a Gloucester old spot piglet 13 weeks old. Grabbed a sandwich from garage and ate on journey.

12.45 Back to paddocks with pig in the back, got her sorted into a pen and checked other livestock

1.15 Walked dogs then cleaned out two geese houses. Jake cannot be walked for long due to leg operation.

2.15 took two foals out of the field as part of their training. Getting them used to head collars, being tied up and groomed. Doing well with this, Tottie takes it all in her stride and follows me around like a dog but the little Falabella, Shandy, has some spirit so does a little rear and buck, to no effect, then settles again. They have been introduced to all the other farm animals so nothing can spook them in their immediate environment. Once really good at this clients can take them for walk around the farm

3pm back in the warm with laptop on lap responding to emails, enquirers and opening post. Inland revenue sent apology letter for getting their facts wrong re our tax, that was good! BT yet again failed to address mistakes on the quarterly bill, and local doctor and spec savers chasing me for general health check ups. How many times  do we de prioritise these health checks believing it will never happen to us. Cannot face the typical 3 hours of phone calls with BT simply to speak to a relevant person, so set the incorrect bill aside. Have wasted too many hours with BT and wish I never had to deal with them again.

4.30 pm started evening animal rounds taking me to 6pm

6-7pm painted one long wall of our vaulted cellar with ball and farrow Joah’s white. paint splashed all over and ready for a bath

7.05pm call from Caitlin, my daughter, her and dad stuck on A40, truck clutch totally dead. Turned bath taps off, swore loudly.

Phoned AA to collect them. Gathered warm clothes for Frank. Damp and now muddy and smelly farm overalls back on with muddy wellies and into car.

Found them on A40 and brought Caitlin home, who poor thing was thick with a new cold, leaving Frank roadside but warmer as he waited for the AA.

8pm gin and tonic and meal preparing, then ate it standing by butchers bloke (I rarely sit to eat). Make that 2 gin and tonics as Caitlin shivered by the wood stove trying to extract the cold from her bones

9 pm computer on for 2 hours of commercial work. Now toasty as wood burning stoves chucking out the heat.

11.45 dogs out for final wee before bed

12 midnight – into bed ready to re –  re-emerge at 5.

Dogs woke me at 2am, badgers nosing around!!!!

Dogs woke me 4.30 wanting to go out for a wee. Gave up attempting sleep, made cup of tea and wrote this blog.

I wonder what today will bring………………………………….








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