Food from the Farm

Guests at paddocks enjoy fresh free range eggs, fruit, juice, cider, herbs, chestnuts and a comprehensive range of rare breed free range meats from the farm. Literally nothing added, just fresh honest food from the land.

The beef is Dexter beef renowned for being a top chef’s choice. Grass fed no additives and hung for 3 weeks to secure a melting in the mouth experience.

We serve rare breed Manx and Hebridean hogget and mutton rich in flavour and lamb. Gloucester Old Spots amble through the orchards. This docile rare breed provides tender, succulent, fine-grained meat suitable for pork or bacon, and the production of hams, sausages and pies

Chicken – Ross Cobb and Hubbards free range on grass pasture.

Eggs – chicken eggs and duck, goose and emu. Emu eggs taste just like chicken but have more yolk to white and one emu egg is equivalent to 12 chicken eggs!

If we cannot put our food on the plate we source local produce from the Chef’s small holding and neighbouring farms where we have evidence that the animals have been well cared for. Our neighbouring farm in fact has a vine yard with award winning bubbly alongside aspharagus and blueberries so great food and drink is never far away.

A piece of Paddocks can also be taken away. We sell our full range of meats alongside blown emu eggs, whole emu eggs and antlers from our Reindeers. One client was so impressed with the beef he had tasted on the workshop that he ordered a whole steer so now has a freezer full of paddocks beef! Others regularly return to fill up their freezers with our meats, share a glass of wine and check out the new births.