Joey babies at Paddocks & the Emu challenge

Totally fascinated at the moment with the ever expanding wallaby pouches. Constant wriggling then pop a Joey head appears to survey the landscape or attempt to nibble at the grass. Like a retake of aliens the movie. Trying to get some good shots but this is so far the best I can do.

a comfy ride

What’s going on doc

This Joey aah moment was shortly shattered when Frank and I went to collect the Emu eggs and suddenly racing across this large hill field we were confronted by a determinedly hostile Emu. Never ever witnessed this behaviour in the six years of keeping Emus. Frank was this Emus target I was ignored and maybe because I am with them alot. They can rip your insides out with their razor claws. Frank kept his head and used a stick to keep the Emu claws at sufficient distance until we exited the field.

A good reminder that if you live and work with animals respecting and observing their behavior is a constant not an optional task.

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