Paddocks Farm update

So angry with british telecom’s incompetence, poor customer service, indifference and bullying.  I am surprised they have survived. I actually feel I have to protect my business from them. Must have spent 120 hours plus over 3 years just trying to get them to log the fact that I am leasing equipment off them. They fail to supply an integral part of a contract then inform me i must stay in the contract despite the fact they have breached it. Embarrassed they have British in the title.

So that is my rant today. What else? Back into tramping fields with a bloody great axe. No not to chop off the next BT engineer’s head but to cut through the trough ice so the animals can drink.

This morning as I entered barn a new born calf was wandering free looking lost, its umbilical cord still bloody and its coat not licked dry. A little lad. Managed to get it back to the cattle enclosure where mum was not too keen to let him drink. Oh no here we go. I already have a 3 year old steer that I bottle fed and cannot, just cannot, send to slaughter. Yes I must man up I know. So got cow in crush, milked and checked her teats. In the crush she cannot kick the new born away so we took this chance and he relished it. He creamed off the first colostrum, yellow creamy first milk then got stuck into the rest. Mum had some pellets and hay so was well calmed.. once his tum was filled he then got his ear rings (tags) on. Here he is below, a few hours old.

dexter calf new born






Then the Reindeer decided to check out the quad making it difficult for me to distribute the hay.  They didn’t care about my BT issues either!

reindeer checks out the wheels






Better tug on hats, coats, gloves and check the little man again.

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