Why Paddocks As A Place For Corporate Events


Lindsay McKenna Limited is an International Business with a clear focus: Putting the people, passion and pragmatism back into Change Management and High Performing Teamwork. Lindsay McKenna has published books on Change and Teamwork and in less than a decade her business has gone truly global. Lindsay McKenna also funds and is a director of a South African not for profit conservation company, providing her business with invaluable “lessons from the wild” with commercial profits keeping those teachers in the wild.

Lindsay’s latest venture sees her setting up a unique corporate venue in Herefordshire with a very clear vision. She says, “Paddocks is about offering our guests the same type of experience that we offer guests who join us in the African bush. Okay there are not the wild animals but there are great starry skies with no light pollution, space and peace, a huge array of free range animals which guests can get as close to or totally ignore as they wish, real wholesome fresh food, log fires, great views.”

The smells of grass, hay, wood stoves and the sounds of owls, deer’s rutting and the emus’ drum call transports you from day to day to a world apart. The accommodation and meeting rooms offer luxury with again a real fresh individual touch that cannot help but induce a relaxing yet refreshing experience. Unique is probably too light a term to describe this corporate venue.

Offered to corporate clients for retreats, workshops, team builds and meetings Paddocks is an experience not to be passed by.





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