Paddocks prep for winter

Getting ready for a predicted bad winter. The huge barn is being further divided into large internal animal enclosures so all the animals can experience great indoors whenever the weather is just too much for them. Brought all animals from across the farm to fields close to the farmhouse with access to shelters and the main barn. Setting up hay racks and food troughs indoors so food can be served in the dry and eaten. Getting scalpings and rubber mats placed by all gates again to allow human and vehicle access to fields. Mending horse rugs, trying to increase protection of water pipes but this never really works. Better sharpen axes to cut through water troughs.
Many animals put on weight in spring summer in preparation for winter shortfalls. Domestic animals if they are lucky then don’t get the seasonal shortfall and result fat animals. So the horses are on restricted grass and soaked hay and denji lite to try and manage their weight.
If a reindeer goes into winter in poor condition he will never pick up. A Reindeer stops putting on weight around October time so getting their condition score good is vital.

Better go out and carry on as the animals munch away watching me work!

Frank is bringing down wood and chopping and drying and storing

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