Paddocks Produce: Medlar fudge and jam

The food store has as pride of place jars of golden and ruby coloured medlar produce. We now enjoy our own roasted carrots in medlar juice and garlic generously covered with freshly picked rosemary.
The medlar fudge is dark toffee coloured and comes from the flesh of the fruit with the medlar jam extracted from the juice of the fruit.
A strange and rare fruit that needs to be bletted for at least two weeks in a cold and dark room. I placed the fruit single layered on cardboard until the fruit went soft to the touch and then ready to make with.
So if you come to paddocks you must taste some.
Emus started to lay so full farmhouse breakfast choice will soon be emu, duck, chicken, goose and quail!
a real fry up at paddocks farm

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