Paddocks Update

Hand reared Reindeer calves doing great can almost see them growing. They are consuming litres of single cream a week with honey added. They are getting so greedy on the bottle that following each feed i now have to burp them patting their rib cages until they burp. Did you know that Reindeers grow from June to September only and their antlers are the fastest growing tissue. Our reindeer bull is already carrying a fantastic rack.

We have some lovely holiday makers staying with us from Switzerland who have taken to the animals and almost daily feed the bottle reared lambs and the reindeer, so much so i managed to get off site for more that 3 hours for a meal out and they baby sat them.

So making most of these few days of sunshine – fields mowed and hoping to bail Thursday and start getting bails into barn. So I need some strong assistance. We have some asparagus workers nearby –so thought why not go to Morrison’s and see if I can find any healthy specimens to ask if they want to come over Thursday to bail. Normally see loads of farm workers but season ended and not one worker did I see. Getting these bails in is critical – that is the main winter feed.

The real wood burning stove, hand made drop down table, cosy double bed and wet room makes for a unique space. The views still take my breathe away five years later.

The games room also taking on new life with a much used table tennis table and now one of these football table top games that excites energy that could be used on the farm!!

Collected six point of lay chickens last week –settling in well and should start providing additional eggs in about 3 weeks. Also looking for a companion Saanen goat as the current trio of goats has resulted in the two Anglo Nubians pairing off and poor Snowdrop on her own. So up at 5am to google local suppliers of this breed.

If you read a previous blog re surprise visits for Frank – he never twigged even when all the cottages were made up and stacks of food and alcohol was being brought in – oh well means I can continue to populate the farm and he will never know!

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