paddocks update

March, fantastic. Lambs, calves, foals, chicks, kids – life! With life comes death. Lost an older cow and her orphaned but cheeky calf (n0 37) soon found contentment poaching milk off another cow. Cows will not let another calf near them for the first  month of having given birth to ensure their calf gets the best start and the colostrum.  After that they are known to allow poaching. Was relieved to see him nick the milk with no resistance from the cow.

Lost our bull to cancer. The day after his death a heifer calf was born and suddenly I found myself sobbing like a baby. I really respected that old bull .

Getting up at 5am is now a pleasure, even though thermals still required.

Frank is looking on google for some throwing axes to add to his bow and arrow, cross bow, juggling knives and juggling fire toys…….

Bookings at paddocks doing really well with some months across the year already fully taken.

We are expanding the evening food choices with a steak on the stone cooking experience or tuna steaks for non meat eaters, a paddocks Indian feast as well as the traditional home made farm food straight from the farm. With Spring and Summer on the way barbecues in the reindeer field can go back on the agenda. An outdoor clay pizza oven is also on the project list.

Our home made sausages have gone  so well that we are increasing the pigs this year going to try and mix them in the fields with the cows as this will give them acres of grass land to munch in.

So looking forward to doing the best we can to make the conference experience at paddocks the best it can be.

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