Paddocks update

Wholesome nature retreat
A new sleeper vegetable bed is being created –measuring about 12 metres squared with the inside area being made into another outdoor cooking room, so literally straight from nature to pot. So alongside herbs the plan is a comprehensive range of salads and vegetables to go with the meats and eggs. My dad always kept a veg patch and every time we ate them the same conversation, how the potatoes tasted so much better than bought, was retold. As a kid I couldn’t taste any difference and never understood this but I know bet I will be saying the exact same. After all that effort and care I am sure they will taste so much better, they have too.
Up at 5am to check the reindeers as they calve in mornings. They all came running up and one girl always nuzzles me, so no calves. So thought would have a cup of tea and blog.
The male emu is the one to sit on eggs and he sat and sat and sat but after 90 days decided he could sit no longer and rejoined the girls.
Tomorrow another occupant arrives and has black and white stripes. Curious to know how the other horses will react.
Pygmy goats giving me the run around – having happily existed in their field for months have decided to check out the rest of paddocks and now driving me nuts. One got caught in the fence trying to get back into her run.
Parents arrive today so better get the Cockrell cottage ready.

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