Power @ Paddocks

Power at Paddocks
Power corrupts totally is a saying I frequently hear and is confirmed every time I hear the news, whether it is stars, politician, business leaders, all using their status to ensure their needs are met irrespective of the impact on others and others needs.
Then I wander amongst my livestock and see no difference, for example
Reindeer – males totally dominant females in breeding season. Rutting season sees one male come out on top and the subservient ones are lucky to get food and a look in. When an entire male loses his antlers he goes to the bottom of the pecking order and is dominated by the females. However there is a benefit for the species of this ebb and flow of power. The strongest male gets to reproduce and the females when dominant can access the food and resources for their growing young.
Pigs – the biggest ones use their size to access all the food supplied quite happy to deprive their social companions.
If you want to have relaxed interaction with animals – avoid choosing meal times for this. Mistake to combine feeding time with befriending time. Presence of resources kicks in competition and dominance, no different than us then.
Not all about size though as a minute foal has completely twisted the shonkey around her hoof. The shonky can have a carrot in her mouth and she will permit the foal, not hers, to walk under her body come up under her face and nick it! I must video this.
Shame that our communities are not more explicit about the power effect and put in visible measures to track and expose it and take no bullshit. People at the top can only have and keep power because they have tried to take it and others have permitted them to do so.
Back to my pigs………………………..

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