Reindeer calving at paddocks corporate venue

reindeer calf paddocks farmreindeer on the moveI could tell you all the great stuff but top of mind is my sheer delight that the calf, in the house being hand reared, has just passed a solid poo! Yup 24 hours of scouring which could have killed. So a protein mix of egg, kaolin and runny honey and on lectade hydration seems to have pulled him through. I am definitely not out of woods with him but in the right direction. It is like having a new born with 3 to 5 night time feeds and constant attention sought when awake followed by him collapsing in a heap and sleeping when he has tired us both out.

Hoping all the other calves stay with their mums. This one’s mum rejected him and in the wild he would now be a meal for a predator but instead he is running round the lounge watching Friends’ on tv and only a honk away from his next feed. They have a delightful  honk sound to demand attention and feed. Will get some clips filmed but for now here are a couple of pictures.

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