Reindeers At Paddocks Ross On Wye

Reindeer will not birth when it is raining – yikes the little ones are in for a long stay in the womb. So I am still waiting for reindeer calves to appear.

Lambing has gone so smooth – however one sheep left to go and this one is likely to be a difficult birth. Only two lambs needed intervention and so far both of them doing fine.

Frank and I decided to take on the job of demolishing a 48 by 24 metre barn ourselves. Once we have set a goal we are both pretty single minded. So we have been at it in gales, rain, darkness and first light. Frank has been amazing in living on the roof dismantling 21 foot by 3 foot aluminium roofing sheets.  When Frank was up there my job was to be vigilant to watch for signs of  the roof caving in.  On the final section Frank had just come down when so did the roof structure!! A close call, huge cuddle and a stiff drink.  The truck is now also engaged in this project, being tied to various elements of the barn then driving off. Tomorrow a local farmer and friend is joining us with some heavy equipment to break down a huge cast iron oven and food hopper.

With the barn gone we will tackle the huge slab it lived on with chestnut cleft fencing and landscaping. The views it opens up are fantastic so excited but tired and wet and had enough of cursing the barn and feeling new muscles.

Tomorrow is also cattle tb test. You have to undergo tests at whatever intervals your area has set for it by the government. If any are found to be potentially infected the government take them away for slaughter. The compensation never really makes up for this loss. If the cattle is about to give birth you can sometimes argue to keep the cow until they calve and then she is taken away. I wish a vaccine would be discovered for cattle – trying to vaccinate badgers seems crazy – who is going to spend the time catching them and then how would you know you have covered them all.

Results in on Thursday.

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3 Responses to Reindeers At Paddocks Ross On Wye

  1. Hi,

    I love your blog! Having grown in a Texas ranch I came to love animals and that’s why I really enjoyed reading your post. Well, I hope that when you get the chance to witness the Reindeers giving birth that you’ll write about it and take some photos as well. I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more nice posts on your blog.


  2. adminfarm says:

    Still waiting for reindeer calves. It is very rainy in the UK and reindeer have the capacity to hold onto their calves to avoid where possible a wet patch. Have bought in colustrum and single cream. if any reindeer is rejected by the mum (and many are) then I need to make up lamb colustrum with cream added to better mimic the fat content of the natural milk. Then ongoing lamb replacer milk with the single cream!
    Both looking forward to and slightly anxious re calving as the success rate is not high and I am used to 98% success with all the other species on site. Will keep you posted with pics as well.

  3. Tamsyn says:

    Hi there.

    I have three reindeer that are in calve. One has uddered up in the last two day and was wondering when she is likely to give birth? It would be wonderful if you could share some advice with me such as feeding, care and what to expect or look out for if thinks go wrong.
    We have had the three girls for over a year their nearly two so this is their first calving.

    Kind regards,

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