Rural venue for conferences and meetings

A question we often hear on answering our phones is “I am looking for a rural venue for a conference or meeting are you really rural” This is an easy yes.
Paddocks is a great rural venue for conferences and meetings. If a rural venue is what your seeking for your conferences and meetings then a good guess is that you’re seeking a place with far reaching views, space, peace and a get away from it all sensation. Google earth Paddocks and you can see us nestled in a private 60 acre valley.
Paddocks provides this and then tops this with food picked fresh from the farm, free range grass fed meats and daily fresh eggs from quail to emu and in between.
If your delegates are then after the genuine outdoor good life experience what better way than experiencing first hand a farm in action and even getting involved, from cider making, bringing in the hay, feeding the animals, bottle feeding the young, walking with reindeer. At the end of the day gathering around huge rustic farm tables laden with delicious food, sipping wine by wood burning stoves or a sundowner watching the Zebra frisking in the hills.

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