Small holders tips

To keep on top of things I

1) Keep an online diary of all events on the farm, however apparently small at point of recall. The number of times I have needed to reference this diary has made it an essential part of keeping on top of data
2) With 15 different species I have created a one page medical overview where at a glance I can see when i need to worm, hoof trim, vaccinate and so on per species
3) I also keep a page a month on line document categorized in animal management, farmland management, formal garden, vegetable plot management, food preservation and storage
4) Do stuff as it happens – move an animal update your records, inject an animal record it. This makes it so much easier to stay o top of all the legal and administrative demands of running a farm
5) Get a skip every quarter and be ruthless about removal of rubbish
6) Create an environment where it is practical and easy to catch animals to treat and move. If I know I have to catch some livestock i will feed them in the catchment area for some days prior to when they need to be caught in it. A stress free animal pre movement or treatment is a great start point.
7) With ever changing defra rules I keep essential bullet points of up to date rules, including standstill periods when moving new livestock on site, tagging rules, movment notifaction rules. This quick reference point has saved me many an issue
8) Keep a good supply of essential medicine, needles, syringes, colour markers…
9) Always expect the unexpected

I hope some of these tips help

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