Smelling the roses at paddocks’ corporate venue

One day I intend to really smell the roses but like the majority life can obsess into a tick list schedule with success measured by the number ticked off at the end of the day.

A New day

5.30 am awake and straight up

5.35 – emails checked and urgent ones answered

6.10 – batch of milk made up for the lambs. Tea made, but spilt most as tried to walk and drink to the barn.

6.20 – animal feed round and pigs wormed with flubenol and mini horses wormed with strongid p granules

7.30 – moved to top field and moved cows on to fresh pasture

8.00 am – coffee and dunked shortbread – none spilt – standing by butchers block

8.10am – got dressed – out of pyjamas

8.15am – two hours of demolition work on the old poultry shed 7 sections yet to be pulled down and masses of wood to be moved and stuff to be skipped

10.15am ordered another skip for Thursday and more gas cylinders

10.30am – took Caitlin to Morrisons to basket up treats and snacks during her exam period – first gcse Tuesday, feel nervous for her

11.40am – coffee – banana dunked (quick source of food)

12 noon – walked dogs in field and check the fencing project (some areas have loose stakes still – need to note this)

1.00pm – mackerel, cucumber chunks, lemon juice squeezed over and salad followed by two mars bars and very sweet cup of tea – no dunking

1.30pm – lamb’s mid morning bottle

2.00pm – more office administration,, organised two conference calls, provided documents and followed up a workshop

3.30pm – observed reindeer calf 2 having a few issues, logged in animal records then another demolition session.  Cannot wait for this project to be done, resenting the time it is demanding.

5.00pm – evening animal rounds and lamb bottle feed. Decided to remove calf 2 and bring indoors. Made up special reindeer milk and started a first feed

6.30pm – making cottage pie using our own paddocks dexter beef and paddocks cider – new recipe. Forgot gas for big stove is low so need to cook some element sin microwave and some on top of wood burning stove

7.15pm – dart in and out shower and hair wash (needed that)

7.30pm – pie on the well cooked side

8.30pm – prepared more milk batches for lambs and now for the reindeer calf as well and packed bags for workshop delivering tomorrow in Hook for Virgin Media

9.00 pm – frank made me a jug of banana daiquiri – delicious

9.30pm – another reindeer feed and checked herd, put ducks and geese away

10.00pm bed with reindeer to boot

10.00pm to 4am – six night time feeds

And the following day started out…..

4.30am – animal feed (didn’t even attempt cup of tea)

5.45am took reindeer calf into daughter’s room for her to continue the vigil. Her last day of revising for exams so calf can keep her company

6.00pm – set off for 100 hundred mile trip to hook for a day of commercial work……..



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