Surprises @ Paddocks Ross On Wye

Okay back from holiday (allowed ourselves a week away, any more would be too much).

Now have to try and get the site ready for a surprise retirement party weekend for Frank. Retiring this year from his Professor ship at Reading University to fully embrace Paddocks.

Actually not too much of a challenge as Frank’s life long obsession with his area of research (road safety) has left me free to plot, plan and implement massive projects with him remaining in blissful ignorance.

Truck loads can appear bearing newly purchased emus, sheep and cows and more and my daughter and I always ran a bet, when would Frank notice a new arrival. Four years later some still remain unknown to him. I guess we only filter in information that feels relevant and of interest?

Once i turned up in the Citroen, having been gone all day, to collect two miniature Zebu calfs who were happily lying in the back. Frank happened to be out front and stopped the car to ask me where he had put something (also loses stuff a lot) and I was still able to unload, feed and sort the zebu calves without him twigging that the family had grown again. Don’t get me wrong he accepts that the outdoor farming side of life is my domain and that animals will come and go!

It must make for a life full of surprises though. So maybe I will be able to sort all the cottages out, clean, shop and cook without him cathcing on.

I even feel safe enough to blog these surprises. Also planning a few more for him this summer to include a reunion with his friends from his PHD days at London University and a week with his oldest best friend growing up in Motherwell Scotland. However if you are visiting us very shortly and read these blogs please mums the word.

So here is to Frank, the man I met at 16 and instantly decided he was the one for me. I hope he enjoys his surprises.

The bet for the first reunion is as follow Caitlin thinks he will not even catch on when the first person arrives and I think he may twig when I start a bit of cooking on Friday.


PS Reindeer calves still very much alive and kicking



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