Team Build Venues

When considering what type of venue to select for a team build event some considerations

1) Does the venue create a setting where the team will stay together in the evening or will they disperse to different bars or their bedrooms?
2) Are there competing demands on team members time in breaks and evenings such that the investment in the team build is restricted to formal workshop time?
3) Does the setting reflect the values and goals of the team build. A large cold impersonal hotel with multiple strangers and impersonal staff is not a great backdrop for an event designed to pull a team together to go after a common goal.
4) Will the team feel relaxed and happy in the environment?
5) Can the venue cater for the needs of the team?
6) Will the venue offer the team the flexibility to do what the team needs to do to accomplish its goals?
7) Does the venue get what we are trying to achieve and will they support this?
8) Does the venue offer the chance for outdoor and indoor team build challenges and experiences?

The concept of Paddocks was to be a resounding positive yes to all these criteria.

And to top it all the animal teamwork being exhibited amongst the 18 different species at Paddocks provides a constant source of insight and analogy back to the human team.

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