Team Building

With the great outdoors literally just on the doorstep of the conference rooms Paddocks offers the opportunity for a rich choice of indoor and outdoor corporate team build challenges. Creating unique corporate team build challenges at Paddocks is exciting with sixty acres of woods, fields and hills at your disposal and a whole array of animals from Alpaca to Zebra!

We provide the complete package with bespoke challenges and professional team facilitators, including the venue owner of Paddocks, author of a practitioners guide to high performance team work. Guests can also choose to bring their own trainers and facilitators to run the team build challenges for them.

When considering team build exercise clarity of purpose is an essential first step. Nothing wrong with just having fun and relaxing as a team and if this is the objective state it and the fun can begin. However if the team needs to develop as a team or overcome some challenges then simply throwing then into a series of fun type team exercises may do more harm than good and not deliver the desired return on investment back in the office.

You can view our team building plan of action example here.

We can provide a range of team build exercises and energisers that have purpose and relevance to genuine team building. Our assistance can include design and delivery of the whole event to simply running the challenges with your own trainers. All challenges, including the facilitator post challenge review, are centred on the current status and needs of the team.

As the outdoor team build challenges can take full advantage of the farm setting, delegates find themselves plunged into something, that for most, is a unique scenario. This is a great way to level a team that may be stifled by too much hierarchy and can result in increased openness and creativity. Being presented with unique challenges that most team members will have little to reference to also draws upon the team’s ability to pool their talents to address the new challenge, think laterally, ask the right open questions, manage risks, cope with ambiguity, make decisions, develop alternatives and what if scenarios.

There is also a huge barn and cow parlour where indoor challenges can take place and a swimming pool for any water based challenges.

Example of purposeful team build challenges: Preparation

  • The team are provided with a structure, tips and tools for effective collaboration including how to ensure goal clarity, organise resources, make decisions, problem solve, have candid conversations, exchange feedback
  • The team identify the existing behaviours in the team that are impeding team effectiveness and enhancing team effectiveness so these are upper most in the teams mind as they set about the challenges
  • The team agrees the key behaviours and operating principles that they want to hold themselves to account on
  • The team gives itself the license for open feedback exchange

The challenges

Whether it is solving a real problem on the farm, to having to collaborate to move livestock, separate livestock, build and sustain a fire they all have one thing in common. It is real practical stuff that is done on farms and needs to be done. Teams have to work effectively together in order to successfully accomplish the goal. Video and playback of the challenge is available on request

The challenge typically includes

  • Set of instructions for the team to read and understand as a team
  • Preparation time for the team to work through, for example goal, roles, process, measures of success, tactics, options, decisions, risks…
  • Option of team members taking turns to observe the team in action to enrich insights
  • Individual reflection time post preparation time to gather thoughts on the effectiveness of the preparation time (for later reveal and review)
  • Implementing the challenge, with video if requested
  • Individual reflection time on personal contribution to team effectiveness, adherence to desired behaviours and operating principles and team effectiveness

Post challenge

  • Facilitated group review with video playback
  • Facilitator feedback
  • Summary of takeaways
  • A drink

When the team are embarking on a series of challenges – each one will reinforce and relate back to the insights and decisions nailed from the last.

Some great memories that cannot fail to give a team a common reference point and a smile. What can be better than trying to move a flock of sheep, or separating emus from reindeers!

You can view our team building plan of action example here.

Below are some British Olympic coaches up against some real competition – in moving Bongo.

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