An Example Of Our Team Building Plan Of Action

Team Goals

  • Provide an accurate livestock headcount of animals in a specified 8 acre field.
  • Separate the sheep from the other livestock into the handling corral in readiness for some routine hoof treatment and annual vaccination. The sponsor will confirm what the corral area is when you start the task


  • You have 20 minutes to ensure the team understands the goals and has an agreed plan of action
  • You will then have up to 15 minutes to put this plan into action
  • During the preparation you can ask your sponsor up to 3 questions about the challenge with the exception of asking how many livestock there are or how to carry out the challenge.
  • During your preparation you can also ask your sponsor to provide up to two resources to enable you to carry out this challenge. If they are on site they will be provided to you.
  • At the end of your team preparation time you will be provided with whatever resources you have requested, taken to the relevant field and informed where the corral is.


  • You are now into making the agreed plan happen as a team with no further input from the facilitators. You will only be stopped if an animal is being stressed or put at risk
  • You will have a maximum of 15 minutes to implement your count and separate the animals once you arrive at the field gate.


  • Now take some quiet time with coffee to reflect on your contribution to how the team planned and implemented. What behaviours do you feel helped and which ones hindered. What was your impact on other team members? What would you chose to do differently for the next challenge. Then note down behaviours in the team that you feel helped and hindered and the impact others had on you.
  • Facilitated group review
  • Video watch
  • Facilitated group review
  • Decision and conclusions captured and performance assessed against agreed behaviours and operating principles


The daily headcount and visual check of both animals and fencing is a routine farming activity to ensure that all livestock are alive and secure in the intended field. Failure to check livestock can result in injuries and illnesses and physical issues going unnoticed with drastic consequences.