The first blog: combining passions


Never blogged before so do I tell a story with a beginning and a context or just talk from this point on.

Okay well some context. My three passions, outside my family, are animals, my business and interior design. My business combined two of them as our high performing teamwork draws upon lessons from the wild and Paddocks offers me the chance to combine all three. So for four years, since moving to Paddocks I have brought in 14 species, worked through 53 build projects (1 left) and established paddocks as a venue for business meetings, retreats and workshops. Totally exhausted, learnt so much, still learning and still go to bed looking forward to what the new day may bring. Learnt to survive on less and less sleep with a typical work day being 5am to 11.30.

So paddocks news will keep abreast of the highs and lows of this farming and hospitality venture. I hope you enjoy.

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