Thrill or Chill at Paddocks

We are enjoying corporate clients using paddocks as a base for retreats, excursions and annual outings. We have links with canoeing on Symonds Yat, great white water, so clients can be collected from paddocks and returned.
There is also the cider trail on the doorstep and much more.
However the last four groups have remained on site. Some ate, drank and enjoyed the stars and fires and others threw themselves into helping with the animals, enjoying the games room (not pool quite yet) hot tub, walks in the woods. Thanks to Steve and Paul who assisted in a calving last week – huge calf and the poor first time mum just needed a bit of help at the end.
We are now researching further on site activities for groups choosing to use paddocks as a unique pleasure base. On the list is a zip wire across the valley – this would be a fantastic fly so looking at strap in jackets and best position. We have huge rocky outcrops across the valley. I have bungee jumped off the Victoria Falls in Africa but that will have nothing on the paddocks fly!
The list also includes knife throwing and archery (Frank out there practising now). Frank is also juggling with fire balls and about to try fire blowing – but not sure this will ever get on the client menu.
Project started on lots of raised sleep beds for vegetables. We are self sufficient in meat, cider, herbs and eggs but not salad and veg. Once underway we will offer groups, looking for a team activity, the option of foraging the site for their food and cooking for themselves. Either inside or on the barbecue and open fires.
Lambing went 100% fine – total relief after all the issues with lambing this year. So rather than positive anticipation per birth it was relief when a healthy lamb emerged.
Yesterday went to see a new planned occupant at paddocks – a Zebra, one to come May time and others to follow. Fencing is being erected to meet regulations. Shonky, the Shetland/donkey cross will companion the Zebra until his Zebra fillies arrive.
Reindeer calving about to start, husbandry cupboard stocked and ready for some sleepless nights.

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