A Trainer’s Perspective

Having delivered workshops and training across multiple venues across multiple countries the one thing I learnt to dread was the first time I visited a venue, “was it viable, equipped, big enough?”

So when I run workshops and training sessions away from Paddocks I do as much advance discussion with the client and the venue host as it possible and still arrive 2 hours before going live to cover off all possible scenarios.

 Here are a few of my experiences.

  •  Arrive at a client office after a long journey desperate for the toilet but not able to access it until a lengthy reception process has been fulfilled (okay my fault, use the motorway services more)
  • Reception cannot find a relevant person to find out where the workshop is taking place so you hang around listening to the reception chatter and start anxiety provoking stories in your head. Am I in the right place? Is this the right date?
  • You then get to the room to find no extension cable, projector screen or projector
  • One company, a very well known media communications blue chip one at that, told me that I had to bring everything with me except the chairs and tables as they were not equipped
  • Even worse the room you are shown is empty – nothing, not a chair a table even a waste bin and all you have is your laptop
  • The windows are all open and you cannot for love or money close them
  • There are switches all over the walls, yet you cannot work out how to switch the lights on and don’t want to appear too blonde too soon!
  • The room is so small that not even 3 people could comfortably occupy it let alone the anticipated 15
  • There is another meeting in progress in the very room you are about to train in and they are not prepared to move out
  • The tomb experienc; no windows, dark and dreary

Fortunately the 2 hour advance rule has always found me ready and appearing calm and sorted for starting.

Then five people walked into the training room and started to interview me for the job of sales director, “I think one of us had the wrong room.”

In setting up Paddocks it is very much with the event owner, trainer and facilitator in mind, ensuring my own training experiences and those of my trainer colleagues are not part of life here. There is intended to be no surprises, except really pleasant ones. Basic and fundamental needs are anticipated and met and unobtrusive support and flexibility in approach.

So when training at Paddocks you do not need to pack projector, screen, flip charts and the rest, just your laptop and lead. If your own laptop breaks down we will have a back up one for you to use and so much more. Personal and professional entwined. GPS breaks down on the way to Paddocks call us and we talk you in or your GPS gets you to the general location but not to our gates, we come and find you.

 Just don’t park your car too near the Emus’ field as they love to peck metal objects (don’t worry we ensure the safe distance is achieved)





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