Wallaby Watch at Paddocks

Wallaby fun
Wallabies well settled in and sister just shot some great photos of them so uploaded onto animal gallery.
Moved everything around so most of the animals can enter the main barn. With this awful weather most of them are deciding to stay indoors, even the Dexter cows. Given that many of these animals are deemed hardy I think it should make us reflect on how we keep stock as in the “wild” they would move until they found natural shelter and thus being in the element is thus okay. We then label them as hardy – confirm them to unnatural fields with sometimes no natural cover and say that’s fine they are outdoor animals, hardy, weather proof and so forth as we run for cover and sleep warm beneath duvets.
The least we can do for the animals we confine is to give them options and access to what they could find if wild: in/out, rest or run, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, companion and solitary, hide or interact.
Okay will now cease my rant. Enjoy pics of Wallabies.

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