The winter regime

Three hours it took to feed the animals this morning – breaking icy troughs and carrying buckets around. Was desperate for a coffee, hands wet and cold in stiff mitts but thought if I go in and take all my layers off it will be even harder to get them back on.

All the pigs got extra straw bedding and checked all beds to ensure dry – pigs hate damp and draughty beds. Pigs are noisey eaters but the cleanest of animals on site as they do not dirty in their sleeping area and instead create a toilet area. This contrasts with the sheep and cows and horses that will urinate and soil directly onto their food and sleeping area. Hence the importance of organising their fields such that food and hay is provided off the ground. 

The new calf had found herself far from mum again and came up for a chat, managed to find her mum and reunite them. In about 6 to 8 weeks she will be as big as my fully grown Zebu cows. 

new born Dexter calf January 2012






First emu egg cracked in pan to make the most fantastic fried egg – I have put a fresh chicken egg in pan to demonstrate the size. The emu egg is twelve times the chicken with more yolk to white but tastes the same.

Fried emu and chicken egg






Now dogs off for a walk to check the fence line then evening feed round.

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