Winterland at Paddocks

I keep a log called monthly delights and December offers a great selection for our guests to indulge in.

Delights include roasted chestnuts from our land, although 2 pigs have found a way of getting the chestnut out of its prickly case and enjoyed too many! Fat pigs aside, the herd of Reindeers do become a focal point at Christmas. They have access to a barn in winter so you can sit inside feeding and stroking them when they chose to interact with the human species!

Log burning stoves with comfy chairs and our own mulled cider satisfies the majority and for the more active and snow permitting, try our toboggans on the hillside fields. You can get up some real speed.

Winter can be a right pain when it comes to caring for the livestock and ensuring no burst pipes but there is real magic.

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